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When we met Nicky, our family was a MESS! I was doing my best to keep our family together and my wife and I didn’t have the same mindset about our finances. We were trying our best but we just didn’t know what to do and how to reach our goals. We were making good money but were living paycheck to paycheck. We always felt broke! We also have two children that we weren’t saving for which was becoming such a stress. 

Nicky was so calm and supportive when dealing with us. She really took a lot of time combing through the weeds of our finances and patiently ironing out each kink. We feel so comfortable with her because we know she believes in us and challenges us when we stray from our goals. She’s so supportive and even when we make mistakes, she supports us without judgement. We feel so connected to each other as a couple since we started working with Nicky. Our relationship has become so much better. My wife is taking over more control of our finances because she is learning so much from Nicky with every meeting and we are finally putting aside money for our children. I feel so much more at ease now and my relationship with my family couldn’t be more strong. I have never met an advisor that cared so much about her clients! 




Without Nicky, I would not have gotten out of an abusive marriage. I found Nicky through a friend on Facebook and I was so nervous to talk to her about what I was going through. I met Nicky at her office and she was a ray of sunshine. I was so emotional and she was so warm and made me feel like I could speak freely. She gave me not only the space to make the decision I had to make but the confidence too!

As soon as I told her that I was leaving my husband, she helped me get the best lawyer! She sat in on every call with him, coaching me before our call and afterwards to make sure that I understood what I was going into and understood everything he was saying to me. She helped me with my disclosure and was there for me when things got rough during my separation. She gave me these charts and graphs showing me the details of each option but when she explained them to me, she really took the time to make sure I understood each of my options. I cannot imagine ever going through a divorce without Nicky. I would have lost so much of my money and made so many mistakes but Nicky was there for me every step of the way making sure that I felt comfortable. I will owe her for the rest of my life for what she has done for me.




I moved to Nicky after feeling so neglected with my previous advisor. I didn’t feel like I was getting the attention I needed to learn and grow. Nicky was such a tremendous help in facilitating my learning about finances!

I absolutely hate talking about finances and she made it so much fun and when I’m with her, I always feel like I’m with a friend. She is so smart and comes up with the most thoughtful tips and tricks to help you build good habits.

We have worked together now for a year and half and my tax return has increased, my savings have grown and I am living the life I really feel like I deserve. I have no words to describe the support that Nicky has given me. She’s definitely NOT your average advisor! Working with her is the best decision you can ever make for yourself and your family!




I love working with Nicky. I always tell her, “Where have you been all my life?”. She’s amazing with children and my son absolutely adores her!

He loves trucks and every meeting, she always keeps a pouch full of colouring pencils and crayons and a truck book that she bought just for him. It’s his special book when he comes to the firm! When I was going through my divorce, Nicky sat down and had a chat with my son to reassure him that his mum was going to be okay and that both his parents loved him. My son is my everything and Nicky has been a powerful component of our lives.

I am really not good with finances and since I met her, I feel more educated and more confident! I feel like a better mother to my son. My son gets so excited to see “his Nicky” every meeting.




Nicky is our family’s rock! My wife always freaks out about money and now that we have her, I always tell Kathy to go talk to Nicky! Even when Nicky has a booked up day, she always makes time for us.

We were trying to get a new mortgage approved in a hurry and were still managing some debt. Nicky helped us put our debt into our mortgage so that we had more breathing room month over month and we were able to save. My daughter is a teenager and she loves Nicky! She’s normally not excited about much and it really surprised me how Nicky took the time to teach our daughter about goal setting. Nicky’s suggestions are brilliant and so in-depth. We really feel valued as clients and cared for. Nicky put us on the right path for success!




My daughter has a lot of anxieties and it is always hard bringing her to new places. My daughter was having a hard time during our initial consultation with Nicky and Nicky was so calm and patient.

My daughter mentioned that she loves puppies and for our second meeting, Nicky brought her Havanese dog Abbie who was such a sweetheart. My daughter played with Abbie for 2 hours while we talked about our money and how we can improve our finances. When has an advisor done something like that for you?

I knew at that very moment that Nicky was the right advisor for us! I cannot thank her enough for everything she has done for us!




Nicky and her team are incredible and unique! No one provides the type of service they do and all Ican say is that they are NEXT LEVEL AWESOME!

Nicky goes out of her way to look at your finances from all angles and she makes you feel so comfortable. I never thought I would be able to survive through COVID19 and Nicky showed me how to save EVEN MORE than I have ever saved any other year.

Everyone she is connected to is also amazing as well!
We all love Nicky!!




Nicky has helped us more than you can imagine through this pandemic!!!

We thought that COVID19 would be the end to our business and family and Nicky helped us get through this by really working with us and giving us that one on one attention we needed to sort out all the problems in our business.

We worked consistently on a weekly basis for over 2 months!!!! She spent hours and hours of time with us and our accountant. Our business is standing here because of her and we couldn’t love her more for what she has done for our family and our clients that we serve. 




Nicky identified incredible inefficiencies in our business that I thought our accountant caught.

She is one of the smartest and savviest advisors I have met and goals beyond helping you structure your business finances but also provides you with some coaching based on her experience working with other business owners. She gets along really well with my team and in any given situation, if I need her, she is there.

It is a privilege to be working with Nicky and I admire the initiative and positive impact she brings to her clientele. 





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